Acclaimed by international critics, she is considered as one of the most interesting orchestra conductors of the new generation. In addition to conducting Maria Luisa Macellaro La Franca is a well-known pianist, her repertoire ranges from ancient music on old instruments to modern music. She began to study piano, composition and conducting at the V. Bellini Conservatory of Palermo where she graduated with honors in 2000. Then she specialized in the prestigious Zurich Musik Hochschule in Zurich where she also graduated in jazz, composition, chamber music and early music, with honors. Winner of innumerable prizes in national and international piano competitions (Osimo Coppa Pianisti d'Italia 1996, IBLA Grand Prize 2000 New York , Elsy Mayer Stiftung Zurich 2003) a very young career began that led her to perform in various countries and theaters such as the Teatro Politeama of Palermo, the Opera of Bordeaux, Theater of the MAM Museum and Institute of Italian Culture of Rio de Janeiro, Synagogue of Berlin and Halle of the Upper Conservatory of Dusserldorf, Auditorium de Los Andes Mendoza, Halle of the Banco Hipotecario Lujan in Argentina, Grosser Saal Zurich , Boccadoro Theater in Lugano, Collado Villalba Culture Center in Madrid, Grand Theater Osaka in Japan, Presidential Hall in Ankara (Turkey) and others . As a composer, Maria Luisa was honored with several awards: for the "Cantate pour la mort de Falcone et Borsellino" she received the "Envie d'Agire" award for best musical creation in 2009, LABEL IDDAC 2009 for the best French theater opera 2009 and she was then appointed Ambassador of Culture in the world 2012 for Italy. For the composition "Emes Symphonie" she received the “Prix du Conseil General de Gironde”, Ambassador Human Rights I.H.R.O.2013, Ambassador for the women rights in Music 2014, International Human Rights Commission IGO as Goodwill Ambassador for Peace and ART Solunto festival Price 2016 . She won in 2019 Premio DONNA di Fiori ( for her engagement for women composer) and « Torre Normanna » ( for her brilliant career 2019)  Solunto Awars 2021 and others . She is regularly invited as an artist in different international festivals both as a pianist and as a conductor: Rio International Harp Festival (Brazil), Swiss Harp Festival, Festival d'Arles, Semaine Musical de Bayonne, Estivales en Charente Maritime, Cap Ferrat Music Festival ( France), Armonie d'Autunno (Italy), IBM International Berlin (Germany) For the 2011/2012 season she was the permanent conductor of the "Molto Assai" orchestra, with which she performed on several tours in southern France. From September 2015 Maria Luisa has been the Principal Conductor of the prestigious Orchestre Symphonique  UNISSON de Talence and « Les virtuoses de Bordeaux » chamber orchestra . 

As conductor she collaborated with Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo , Orchestra Sinfonica Siciliana , La Biennale di Venezia , Bulgaria Classic Orchestra , Pitesti Symphony Orchestra , Craiova Philarmonic Orchestra , Ankara Baskent Orkestra and many others .

She’s guest artist at Opera de Bordeaux .